Cookie Policy

Information on cookie usage according to the domain of web page is enforced by the guarantee for the protection of personal data of the 8th of May 2014 which states “Individuazione delle modalità semplificate per l’informativa e l’acquisizione del consenso per l’uso dei cookie” (identification of the simplified method of adoption and information about the consent concerning cookie usage) in compliance with the Art. 13 of the privacy policy (D. Lgs. n. 196/2003).

Cookies are small text files which are sent by the website visited by the user, to the users terminal (usually to the browser) where they are memorized, to be sent back to the website each time the users visits that specific website.
While browsing on our website the visitor might receive cookies coming from other servers or websites (third party cookies) which may contain certain elements (such as images, maps, sounds and specific links to other sites and other domains) which are present on the website you are currently visiting.
Cookies are used for several purposes with the aim of offering a faster and securer digital experience, permitting for instance to keep a safe connection while surfing on the page; securely memorizing User ID and Password of the user; personalize the home page or identify the pages the user has seen/visited on that specific website to avoid that those are showed again.
Cookies memorized on the computer, can not be used to recall any data on the hard disk of the user, to transmit cyber virus or identify and use the related E-mail Addresses.

Cookies used by this website are necessary since they enable the authentication, the validation and the maintenance of the browsing session and to avoid fraud.

Cookies can be divided into two major categories with different properties: “ technical cookies” and “profiling cookies”.
Technical cookies guarantee the proper functioning and browsing of the website; without them one might not be able to display correctly the webpage or to use some of the services such as images, maps, sounds, specific links to the pages of other domains, which are present on the site the visitor is browsing.
A) Technical cookies can be subdivided into:
Functional cookies: these cookies provide the user with extra functions and the provider can keep a record of the user’s choices, such as language choice or dimension of the font.
Performance, navigation or session cookies: they guarantee a normal browsing and functioning of the web page (enabling, for instance, to purchase something or to have access to restricted areas); The information stored by these cookies are aggregated, therefore anonymous. Moreover they are not used to collect personal datas of the users for advertising purposes.
Analytic cookies: together with technical cookies they are used by the owner of the web page to collect information, as a cluster, about the number of users and about how they brows the page. The collected data will be processed both electronically and on paper.
B) Profiling cookies: have the aim of creating a profile of the user so that one can send advertising material in line with the preferences showed during the browsing of the web.

Sterling Aromi Srl states to use on its web page, runned by Sterling Aromi Srl, profiling cookies to offer, for what advertisement is concerned, messages which are relevant, based on the previous browsing of the page by the user, on the most visited pages and on other datas, such as, how the user uses its products and/or services.
Even though these cookies do not collect data which would allow a personal identification, since they can be perceived as intrusion in the personal life of the users and precisely because of european and italian law regarding the appropriate information of the users concerning such tools, we ask our users to previously express their consent.
By not giving his/her consent the user won’t be able to access the website.
These data will be processed both electronically and on paper.

Collector is Sterling Aromi Srl.
Accountable for the processing is Sterling Aromi Srl.